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(Taken from a letter sent to Will Lundy)

James A. Richardson
14630 High Bridge Rd.
Monroe, WA 98272-8808

Dear Mr. Lundy:

I am writing to you with regard to your efforts to add to the information you wish to acquire to build up our Bomb Group database.

My name is James A. Richardson, navigator on Capt. Amos D. Alley's B-24 crew. We were relatively late comers in the war. We arrived at Shipdham Air Base mid to late November in 1944. The date of our first mission was November 29, 1944. We flew 25 missions, 16 of which were lead or deputy lead positions. Our crew was awarded the DFC of which we are very proud.

We also flew four "trolly" missions after the war to carry loads of ground crew over the scene of victory. [10 May 1945 in #354 personnel]. I've never heard any mention made of the "show me" tours we conducted to share the fruits of victory with the unsung heroes back on the field. Seems to me that this story would make a nice feature in a future edition of 8-Ball Tails. I don't have enough background information to write the article. I can only affirm that the "missions" occurred.

I think that I am the only member of the crew that joined the 44th BGVA after the demise of the Old Heritage Bomb Group. I have been trying to stimulate the other six members of our crew to join up but so far, no luck.

I am enclosing the completed pages of the 8th Air Force Military Heritage Database from the summer 1998 8 Ball Tails for myself, along with a photo of our crew (name on the back). Sorry I am so slow.

If I could get blank copies of the above forms, I would send them to the six surviving members of my crew with an appeal to complete and submit them to you.

Eight members of our crew attended the Dayton, Ohio reunion in 1994. Since then, two of our crewmembers have died. Milton Krueger and Harry Jenkins. Our surviving members are:

Amos D. Alley, pilot
James Flaherty, Bombardier
James A. Richardson, Navigator
Kenneth Nelson, Armour Gunner
Douglas McPhee, Sperry Ball Turret
Diego (Dick) Indelicato, Tail Gunner
James Daniels, Upper Martin - Daniels was only with us for a short time and was replaced by Carl Sharf, pilotage navigator [Deceased].
Mickey, Radar operator - for a few missions at the end of the war.
John J. Eagan, Navigator, GEE

I hope this information will be of help in rounding out the database.

I would really like to know more about Arlo Bartsch's computer program and how I and my crewmembers can share in the results of all the information resource. Perhaps you can fill me in on this.

Sincerely yours,

James A. Richardson

P.S. I have a complete history of all the missions our crew flew from November 29th to the end of the war. Our next to last mission was flown on April 6, target Halles. Our first mission was an airfield at Parchin (near Schwerin, Hamburg area). I don't have a date for the mission. If you are interested, I can provide this list to you. J.R.
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