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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

719 W. 15th
Crowley, LA 70526

September 17, 1988

Dear Will:

Received your letter today and glad to hear from you.

I got a phone call recently from one of my buddies who lives in Florida and he has obtained a copy of Liberators over Europe. However, the other guy, William McCormick, who lives at Houston last time I talked with him hadn't received a copy. I will give you his address. Bill McCormick, 5474 Jason St., Houston, Texas 77096. He and I used to sling hash at the enlisted men's mess hall at Shipdham, England during World War II. You may know the guy because he was a mixer and got around the base very much. I don't know if he is on the mailing list for the Logbook. You may write him and he might know someone else who may be interested.

Will, talking about the Trolley Mission book, the only address in the back cover says you have to obtain permission to reprint from The U.S. Army Air Forces, Publications Division Washington, D.C. This book was published by the Public Relations Office of the 44th Bombardment Group (H). Lt. John J. Ryan, Jr., [Allston, MA] public relations officer, also Sgt. David H. Appenzellar, assistant PRO [NY, NY] and Director of Photography, Captain Ursel P. Harvell, group photographic officer. I hope this gives you enough to work with.

Again, about the Trolley Mission. I don't remember what position the plane I flew on was in, but I do remember the pilot was a Captain Smith and we flew the first trip also. I still remember that day because every once in a while I look at or show the book to someone and I have marked the map in front of the book as a reminder.

I remember flying over the Hague, at Holland, and on to Hamburg, Germany, and to Brunswick, Hanover, Bielfield, Hamm, Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, then back to Rotter Dam and back to Shipdham. We were told at that time that a flight like that back home would have cost about $2,500.00. I really enjoyed it very much.

Will, I would like you to check a couple of guys names to see if they can be reached. There was a guy named Sgt. Charles Atwood whose address at that time was Sand Point, Idaho. The other guy, Sgt. Richard Drake, from Grand Junction, Colorado. If you have their addresses, or if you have any luck getting in touch with them, please send me the information. The reason I only know their home towns is when the Liberators over Europe book was printed, their addresses were not listed in the back of the book and I believe at that time they were in the 66th Squadron. I remember they checked addresses and some of the guys were left out.

And about Capt. Harvell passing away. Yes I had heard the news. He was a fine gentleman.

I guess I'll hang up my spurs for now and hope I was of some kind of help on this Trolley book. Let me hear from you again and in the meantime, I'll keep my eyes and ears open and send you any information I hear on this end pertaining to anyone from our 44th group. And thanks again for your fine and quick response to my letter.


Hank Redlich
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