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World War II Memories

Taken from a letter to Will Lundy

Dear Will:

I received my first copy of the 44th HMG Logbook. I have thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover as it has brought back fond memories. I served with the 44th-67 B.Sqd. from September 1944 until May 1945 as a co-pilot and flew 35 missions.

We flew a number of our missions in the ship named "Fearless Fosdick," however, most of our missions were flown in the plane called "The Iron Corset" kept in A-1 condition by a crew chief from Oklahoma City called "Curley." Our last six or seven missions were flown in a new "M" model, unnamed, but certainly an improvement over the "H's."

I am most anxious to contact any of my crewmembers and plan to attend the 44 HMG in Fort Worth next year.

Thank you for making these books (History of the 67th Squadron and 44th Lib over Europe) available and looking forward to the next copy of the "Logbook."

Sincerely, Ray Powell
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