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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

March 23, 1993

Dear Mr. Lundy:

Your letter of 7 March 1993 addressed to my husband, Kenneth R. Poulsen, came as quite a surprise. I wished it had arrived six years ago so Ken would be writing this letter to you himself. He would have been excited.

Ken died 2 November 1987 as the result of an inoperable brain tumor.

I have looked through Ken's photo album and found pictures taken during the war of friends. He'd only written last names on them - Cahill, Dean, Deberry (Harmon), Pellow (Russell), Hayden (James F.), Snyder (Morris), Pacewitz. There was a picture of Lt. Richard Herrick - killed in action March 13, 1944 (not 44th). (Information in parentheses was provided by Will Lundy).

Ken was in the 67th Sq., 44th BG stationed in England. I believe he was a member of the crew on an airplane called "Mi-Akin As." Hope this information helps.

Ken didn't talk a lot about the war. He would recall places or dates such as - Brunswick, April 8, 1944 (11 ships lost) for years after the war, along with friends who died.

We used to hear from John E. Murphy, Howard Beach, Long Island, N.Y. at Christmas time for awhile, but lost touch. I believe he became a priest. Maybe you have some information about him.

Our family would be interested in knowing if Russell Pellow remembers Ken and would like his address and if Ken was the bombardier on his crew.

There are a few names and addresses in an address book but I don't remember ever hearing from any of them except "Murphy."

We are curious about how you found our address. He would be interested in knowing what information you might have about the 44th BG.

Ken has several books our son and five grandsons have looked at for years. 44th Liberators over Europe. His name is in the directory in the back of that book. He has noted the missions he took part in next to the pictures. Another book 14th Bomb Wing, but he didn't make any comments in this book.

Ken didn't have a middle name just the initial "R." He was blonde with blue eyes -- Danish. He was nicknamed "Eric the Dane." His home address was in Copperton, Bingham Canyon, Utah.

We moved to Arnold, Maryland in 1959. Lived there for 20 years. Returned to Utah and settled in American Fork 13 years ago, to be close to our two daughters and their families.

I hope to hear from you again soon.


Mrs. Kenneth R. Poulsen
(Verna J. Poulsen)
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