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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Hi, Lundy:

Hope these few dollars will help restore the tower. It's probably something we should have done years go. But who knows.

About the picture we're to received, it would be nice if he can get one of the finished tower.

I was sitting here thinking of time back and got to wondering what happened to "Judy's Buggy." It was he old plane that Wahler and I flew April 8, 1944 when the German fighters all but sent us all to the ground. We flew it from Brunswick to Becales on the Coast of England with #3 and #4 out. It was quite a plane.

Enough of the nonsense for now. Hoping to see you all in Dayton in 1993.

Pietro Pino
67th Bomb Squad.
Calico Rock, Arkansas


Forced landed 28 Feb. 1944.
Crashed 8 April, Ellough, Suffolk. Repaired by 22 May; 31 May to 12 July (nose gear). Abandoned 16 Jan. 1945 and salvaged.
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