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28 January 1945

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)


December 9, 1986

Dear Will:

Thanks for your reply dated December 2, 1986.

I did join the 2AD Association and received their 1986 Roster and the Journal Vol. 25, No. 3 and 4.

After I sent my letter dated November 24, 1986, I recalled other particulars of the crash landing. The plane did catch fire on landing. The fire burned the landing gear and completely through the wing between No. 3 and 4 engines (see picture). It caught fire immediately, so everyone was out fast. It wasn't a big fire, but we though it might explode.

I do recall the 10th man on our first mission. I guess he was the carpet bunker man. As you say, I do not recall his name, but do know that he was eventually killed, missing on shot down plane with another crew.

From October 11 to October 18, 1986, I was in England with my brother-in-law. We are both retired personnel and as such able to take military aircraft to overseas. We went over to Bentwater's AFB Ipswich with the PA AUG KC 135 tankers based in Pittsburgh, PA. I was with them as a guardsman before I retired.

I looked for Shipdham on the map but did not attempt to find the base. We went to London, Scotland, St. Andrews and put about 1200 miles on a car we rented. Good vacation.

I received a Christmas card from Jules Descampes, 277 Scarlett Way, Haselton Village Eustis, Florida 32727, and he enclosed your letter to him dated October 3, 1986. I don't really know why.

The enclosed Xerox copy shows the plane Tally Ho II as it came to rest in that nice big snow covered field, twisted with a couple of props missing and showing the results of the fire between No. 3 and 4 engine.

Will, I hope this will help you with your history of the 66th Sq. 44th BG.

Please keep me informed if you hear from any of the crew. -- Wade D. Peters
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