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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Saturday, 14 March 1981

Dear Will:

I have your interesting letter of 10 March 1981 and will certainly forward my application for membership in the 2nd ADA.

I know that contacts with Hansen, Flora Schattle, Topping and Van der Veer were enlightening and filled with nostalgia.

Unlike the article by Frank Thomas which you enclosed, the four officers of our crew, Lt. Leroy Hansen (pilot), Lt. John Donald Hanson (copilot), Lt. Bill Topping (bombardier), and myself Lt. W. J. Pecka (navigator) were sent to Stalag I on the eastern Baltic Coast in Germany. Subsequently, we were liberated by the Russians in May 1945. We were flown out of Germany to France whence we came home by Liberty Ships.

By the way, "Art" Schattle was a great guy and an excellent radio operator. He was also the spark plug - organizer of the crew - and we had a fine one. Incidentally, our operations out of Iceland before our return to England in September 1943 included a then-secret mission along the east Gilluland Coast some 1,000 miles north of the Arctic Circle, a navigator's dream and nightmare.

I, too, am looking forward to the publishing of the Dutch book about the story of our crew and others.

Thanks for sending me the application and thanks for your fine ground crew work with the 67th squadron - those early days were rough, but interesting.

Also, hope to see you at our 2 ADA reunion some day..


Wilbur "Bill" Pecka
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