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Francis  C.  Peck


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Radio Op.
World War II Memories

Taken from a letter to "Bill" (Will Lundy):

Dear Bill:

During my tour of duty in England, the following experience might be considered combat time.

While flying my missions, I made contact with a close buddy from my hometown (Stevens Point, WI) who was also stationed in England. After finishing my missions, we made arrangements to meet in London while on pass. I went to a Red Cross Club for quarters. In the morning I was shockingly awakened, finding myself on the floor, after being knocked out of my bunk. After the cobwebs left my head, I dressed and went to the main desk. I inquired of a volunteer what happened and she replied that a V2 bomb landed in a park a block away.

I walked to the park to investigate and observed a very large crater. It scared the hell out of me enough to take the first train back to Norwich. Needless to say, I didn't meet my buddy. I wasn't about to hang around London and get killed by one of those bombs after finishing my mission unscathed.
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