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World War II

March 1, 1993

Letter to Will Lundy

Dear Mr. Lundy:

Thanks for your recent letter in which you say you have been in contact with Norman Chown and that you have the address of Eugene Coral, both flew various missions with me during the last just war. You also mentioned Engineer Charles Moffett and Frank B. Collins, Walter Wilson, Joe Cena, Leonard Linder and Dewy Rigger.

I very well recall Coral, Moffett and Chown and, in fact, have a very nice photograph of them standing with me beside a B-24 of the 506th. Wilson I may recall, if so he approached my brother in Chicago shortly after the war and asked him a stranger, if he was named Parish and had a brother who was a pilot of a B-24 during the war. There is a story that goes with this but first it must confirm that Wilson was indeed the man. Joe Cena was, to the best of my recollection, a gunner. The other two I have no recollection of whatsoever.

I would be happy to have the address you have of Coral and Chown and if ever you do have an address for Moffett, his as well. I have often thought of them and wondered how they had fared. I look forward to a copy of your news letter and when I have details of the proposed reunion for this year will see if I can make plans to attend. Ploesti was before my time with the 44th.

Robert S. Seever, P. O. Box 3577, Lake City, FL 32056, was a pilot in the 68th 44th BG during the same period that I was with them. I see him several times a year and he is an avid attendee of reunions. He belongs to some other association, not sure as to its name and address, which pertains to the 44th.

Though not absolutely old, I am a bit older than the average pilot of that period, soon to hold my 74th birthday. As you see by the letterhead (Parrish Aviation, Inc.) I have remained in aviation and have every intention of continuing to be part of it as long as I possibly can.

Thanks in advance for the addresses and the copy of the newsletter, and for making the advances to reestablish contacts from long ago.


Milton Parrish
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