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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

January 28, 1985

Dear Will:

Thank you for your letter of January 17, 1985.

In response thereto please be advised: My original bomb crew consisted of Bob Gunton, pilot; Stewart, copilot; Dan Brandt, bombardier; and myself, navigator.

This crew was reorganized about halfway through our combat period and I was reassigned to the Newton Condray crew and flew a number of missions with that crew. However, I am unable to remember the names of the other members of the crew, but clearly remember our pilot commonly known as "Newt." I also recall that we flew the parachute supply mission to Arnheim, Holland (Sept. 18), and that we lost about 14 ships out of a squadron of 90. This was undoubtedly the most memorable mission of the Newt Condray crew. I was a member of the 67th Bomb Squad, 44th Bomb Group, stationed at Shipdham.

I recently revisited the site of the 44th Bomb Group, at Shipdham, and, of course, it was deserted, and the main airfield was no longer in use. Some airplane hangars were being used for warehousing and other commercial usages. I also visited West Durham, which was the main town near the base and it was hardly recognizable due to its growth since 1944.

I will appreciate your accepting my membership application, which I enclose herewith, and sending me, to the best of your knowledge, the names and addresses of all members of both the Newton Condray and Robert Gunton crews.

Very truly yours,

LeRoy F. Parker
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