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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy written by Hiram's daughter, DeeAnn)

April 27, 1986
11915 E. 69th St. N.
Wichita, Kansas 67226

Dear Will:

First, I was delighted to receive your letter and to find out that someone else is looking for members of my Dad's crew. It has been exciting for me to talk with Paul and Norman. I did talk with Ray Long, but, as you said, he did not seem very excited about getting the crew together.

Like you, I have hit a dead-end in finding any more crew members. I did talk with the Raymond Damico in Philadelphia. He is in his early 40s and is not aware of another Ray Damico there.

I'm sending you a copy of addresses from Dad's address book that my aunt sent to me. As you can see, I also did not have any luck finding Lawton Sternbeck, James Gillespie, David Putnam, Andrew Babich, or Frank Amman.

Paul had said that if Jack Feinstein were still living, he would be interested in getting the crew together. I wonder if his family might have some information that would help. So far, I have not had any luck in finding where they live.

I do have some pictures that Dad took while they were in Sweden, but few have names on the back.

I'm sorry I cannot help you very much. But I haven't given up yet. They'll show up sooner or later.


DeeAnn Palmer Henning

I think this makes a crew (11 including "Pappy." The pilot was Hiram C. Palmer.

Pilot Hiram C. Palmer
Copilot Lt. Lawton L. Sternbeck, 1911 Monroe, New Holstein, Wisconsin (took Highbarger's place)
Navigator Lt. James Gillespie, 422 Broadway, Camden, New Jersey (2902 Black St., Houston, TX
Chief Eng. Paul J. Kruse, 2214 Center St., Covington, Kentucky 606-261-1898
Nose Gun. S/Sgt. Raymond T. Long, 12 N. Bend Rd., Cheviot, Ohio 513-931-5913
Waist Gun. S/Sgt. Raymond J. Damico, 7828 Ardleigh St., Philadelphia
S/Sgt. Jack H. Feinstein, 323 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY (Died. Had talked with P. Kruse)
Radioman S/Sgt Norman Johnson, Susanville, Oregon, 503-820-3671
S/Sgt. David C. Putnam, 2096 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio
S/Sgt. Andrew C. Babich, Battle Creek, MI
Copilot Lt. Frank C. Ammann, 1309 8th Ave., Neptune, NY
Bombard.? (21 Draper St., Wolcott, NY)
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