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14 May 1943 [legacy, Douglas Myers]
Douglas Myers (Swanson Crew)

Attorney at Law
100 Military Avenue, Suite 112
Dodge City, Kansas 67801
Phone: 316-225-5952

November 12, 1984

Dear Mr. Lundy:
Replying to your letter of November 4, I will give you the information as I recall it. My recollection is not precise and with that qualification will be as factual as I can.

I believe we had flak damage to the inner starboard engine, which resulted in fire and loss of power. We remained in formation, I believe, to the target, or that area and salvoed our load. We were not able to remain in formation after turning west and when alone, were attacked by fighters, the number of which, if I ever knew, I have no recollection. We took some machine gun fire in the nose and flight deck area and cannon in the waist area. The controls become unresponsive and we were not able to maintain altitude. Because of the fighter attacks and the fire, it was determined to abandon.

Sgts. Mears and Wolf are, respectively, the turret gunner and radio operator. One of them entered the bomb bay and removed the empty cartridge casings and opened the bomb bay and jumped. Neither of them were wounded at that time.

I have no knowledge concerning the gunners in the waist and tail but have reasoned that they could have been wounded by cannon fire. I do not know if they were able to or did leave the ship.
I hope this information is helpful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Douglas B. Myers
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