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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

April 2, 1988

Dear Mr. Lundy:

The December 1987 issue of the 44th Logbook mentioned a new book, 44th BG Roll of Honor and Casualties that will be available later this year. I would appreciate receiving a copy and you will find my check for $30.00 enclosed.

I was copilot on Harold Morrison's crew, which joined the 44th on 28 February 1944, first for a short time with the 66th Squadron, then with the 68th.

Morrison finished his tour on 4 July 1944, and on what would have been the last mission for most of the rest of the crew, misfortune struck on the 7 July 1944 mission to Bernberg, Germany.

I have long wondered if the group had other casualties that day and what details may have been recorded. German newspapers claimed that some 60 bombers were shot down that day. Perhaps the new book will tell something of the events of 7 July 1944.


Charles B. Murphy
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