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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

9206 S. St. Louis Avenue
Evergreen Park, IL 60642

May 1, 1980

Dear Will:

I was certainly glad to hear from you. It's the first contact I've had with anyone from the old outfit since 1945.

After we left Shipdham for the good old USA, I spent 60 days at home (30 days plus a 30-day extension) and then went to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Supposedly, we were to join a B-29 outfit and go to the Pacific. From there, I went to 2nd A.F. Hq. in Colorado Springs, and was there when the war ended. The only ones from the 44th were a S/Sgt. Leo Thuitt and a Sgt. Ben something or other from the 68th squadron.

Never did a lick of work at either Sioux Falls or Colorado Springs, but we had a ball. Did a lot of traveling while there - all on a three-day pass - unbelievable!! Got discharged October 25, 1945.

Just as a reminder, I was on Calloway's crew with Allan Fitch and Tom Novotny. We went on a few furloughs together, you and I, up to Leeds, with Fitch and Mitchell. I don't think Novotny ever went with us - Good times!!! [Yes]

As for now, I'm a retired teamster, after driving 30 years in the wholesale ice cream business and I'm working as a high school custodian, drawing my pension, just waiting a few more years for my social security. Then I hope to retire to a sunny, warm climate for good.

I have four children (three boys and one girl) all married now and I have six grandchildren.

Sorry if this isn't very readable, but it's been years since I have written a hand-written letter and sort of got used to scribbling while I was writing tickets for customers when I was on the trucks.

God bless and keep in touch,

Bob Murphy
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