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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy dated 6/28/99)

Dear Will:

Gosh, it was a great surprise receiving your recent letter concerning the 44th as I also received a letter from Henry Anuskiewicz the same day. I want to thank you for the information you sent me concerning our crew (Walter Scott).

I wrote him a letter last week and, as yet, no answer. I just can't remember if Reynolds was the replacement for Walfish, our bombardier. Hopefully, I will get the answer from Scott, our pilot. Somewhere the name Perdisatt (Dermot P., navigator) is in my mind. After this short note to you, I will write and see if Reynolds was on the crew. I have such a short memory now.

In your letter you mentioned Chester Gardner. Yes, he was a permanent member of our crew. As for Larry Nevins, no information on him. Do what you can for me on that.

Oh, yes, I do remember the bomb rack failure in #509 as I had to dispose of the bombs that hung up. I went immediately to the catwalk and started pushing and shoving bombs out the bomb bay. I was so excited that I forgot to hook up to walk around oxygen bottle. Our engineer, Yost, saw what I was doing without the oxygen and he walked out the catwalk with a bottle and hooked me up. I guess if he had not done that, it would have been a hell of a drop to earth as about that time I was losing my stability and consciousness. Thank God Yost was alert.

Well, enough chatter for now. I am looking forward to receiving the logbook.

I will write you later, after I get to my Attic and find my few records that I may have. Below you will find the address for Yost.

Again, thanks for your information to me. God bless you and family.

Thomas D. Muff
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