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3 February 1943 [legacy, Charles Mott]
Old ROH book, p. 12
Will sez: Jim: 3 Feb. 43. Flight to check out new buffer oil. Norsen wrote a letter some time ago and also has it on a voice tape, not locating it at the moment. But he said that when he got back to the cockpit and into his pilot's seat, the altimeter was at 41,000 feet and still climbing. He took over and headed down as quickly as possible as nearly everyone was unconscious and freezing. That experience did much toward getting portable oxygen bottles for those crews.

Charles M. Mott's story
One of the more unusual flights I was on was in "Lemon Drop" checking guns and gun oils at high altitudes. We were going up to 28,000 feet to make the tests because the guns and oils were freezing up on the missions. The pilot went to the rear to supervise the tests and the copilot somehow got his oxygen hose disconnected. He passed out and fell with his head between the seats. The plane was on autopilot and in a steep climb. Before anyone knew it, we were up to 39,000 feet. I passed out trying to get to the flight deck without a walk-around bottle. The navigator didn't get as far as I did, in fact, by this time, only two, the pilot and a waist gunner were still conscious.

This is just one of the incidents "Lemon Drop" was involved in while in service for the 68th Squadron. Everything did not go as we had been hoping for on this flight, but this and other flights helped us to figure out how to keep our guns from freezing while in combat.

I have to say that there were many other incidents in the service of "Lemon Drop" for our Squadron. I am sure there are others who remember "Lemon Drop," and I would like for this letter to be placed in the Journal so they can drop me a letter recalling some of the days with the 44th Bomb Group.

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