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World War II Memories

(Excerpts taken from a letter to Bill Cameron, dated July 6, 1945)

General Snavely and I flew to Paris and London a week ago. I had an opportunity to visit some of the old gang again. I arrived at Hethel the day before they all left. Saw Bill Brandon, Cookie, "Doc" Young and Porky Hill. Porky is still around Norwich and is getting married this month to some girl in Norwich. Porky gave me the story of what happened over Kiel on May 14th. Said that they were shot up pretty badly. The aircraft was on fire and he and Bartmess bailed out, but Bart landed in the bay at Kiel and drowned before rescue. Sergeant Denny said he could not get the bomb bay door open, so he crawled through the bomb bay and escaped through the rear hatch. The last he saw of Phil and his copilot they were standing on the flight deck. Evidently, the aircraft blew up before they could escape. Porky told me and confirmed your letter that Bishop made friends with the Jerries and received more food than the rest of the fellows. Also, Jim Devinny went out to dinner with the pilot who shot him down.

In your last letter, you said maybe you would join the "army of terrified civilians" (ATC). Just kidding you, old man. Lots of luck and I wish that I could do the same.

I had quite an experience on my last trip to London. As I crossed the Channel, I was low on gas. The weather reported for England was thirty-five hundred feet broken, but when I got there, it was socked in and I was running out of gas and to top it off, my radio went out on me. I had to contact Bovingdon through another aircraft in the air to get permission for an emergency let down and landing. General Snavely was with me, but he did not have his headset on, therefore, did not get in on the excitement. However, everything worked out okay.

We have a good flight section in our headquarters now. One B-17, C-47, C-45, L-5s, and B-25s. Our outfit has been designated as the Occupational Air Force, Austria and my present assignment is A-3 of the Air Force.

On 2 June, I left Verona, Italy, with General Snavely to represent the United States on air matters with the Vienna Mission. I spent the next two weeks in Vienna. Had some wonderful experiences and attended a party at Marshal Tolbuhkin's villa and needless to say, the vodka flowed freely. It seemed we drank toasts to every Allied leader. While in Vienna, we heard, by rumor, that an American flyer was in one of the Vienna hospitals. After securing all the information we could, we visited several hospitals and finally located him. He had been shot down over Vienna on March 22. He had bailed out in good health, but while making a delayed jump, a burst of heavy flak had blown off his left leg. We contacted the proper officials and his case is being investigated and taken care of.

In your last letter, you said that you had been dating Allison Stillwell, General Joe's daughter. The best that I can wish you is good luck and good hunting.

If, at any time, you become dissatisfied with your setup in the United States, drop me a line and I will do what I can for you. As ever...Howard W. Moore, Lt. Colonel, Air Corps.
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