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The New Orleans "Times - Picayune"
Sunday September 5, 1999
By Paul Purpura, Staff writer

The crew of the Passion Pit bomber was forced to leap from the burning plane, top, after it was shot down by Germans over northern France on Aug. 13,1944. A photo from the same year shows eight of the 10 crew members: first row, Jack Bertoli, navigator; Irwin Stovroff, ombardier; John Miliken, pilot; second row, Darrel Larsen, gunner; Martin Richard, engineering gunner; Jinx Yarbrough, turret gunner; Kenneth Beckwith, radio operator; and Morris Willie Larkin, tail gunner.

Seven members of the Passion Pit bomber pose for Louise Beckwith this weekend at the 44th Bmb Group Veterans Association's fifth reunion at the Hilton New Orleans Airport in Kenner. They are
Martin Richard, 76, of Metairie; - - - Darrel Larsen, 76; - - - Kenneth Beckwith, 77; Jack Bertoli, 76; - - - John Milliken, 78; - - - Morris Larkin, 80; - - - Irwin Stovroff, 77

They thought it would be their last mission over Europe, having dropped bombs over German munitions plants, transportation hubs and oil fields in 32 previous sorties.

Indeed it was. But not as the crew of the Passion Pit would have preferred. In their ongoing attempt to cripple the Nazis and bring an end to World War II, it was the "milk run" of Aug. 13, 1944 - a matter of weeks after they flew their first mission on D- Day that proved to be the end of the B-24 Liberator.
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