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(Taken from a letter to Pete Henry and forwarded to Will Lundy)

P. O. Box 134
Mt. Vernon, IN 47620

September 5, 1985

Dear Pete:

Received your letter inquiring about our old friend My Akin' Ass. We had an H model B-24 but our pilot taxied it off the dispersal area and got hung up in the mud on takeoff. Naturally, our C.O. Major Middleton, was as bright shade of red so he took our new lane and assigned it to another crew and gave us old Akin Ass! It had 127 combat missions and like I said, but have no way of confirming was shot down three times. We had to stop over at Merville, France because we ran out of gas.

We were supposed to stop at Goose Bay and gas up but we shut off the radio and came on to Connecticut. Had to turn on the S.O.S. blinker because we didn't have gas enough to circle the field but landed fine.

A 90-day wonder tried to eat my ass off for the vulgar language, but Lt. Swane sent him on his way. Jack was a professional wrestler in civilian life. Lt. Markle, Lt. Swane, Staff Sgts. Parks, Bill Martin, Pappy Road, and Lentz was our crew. Oh, I forgot, Staff Sgt. Yoscevak was the radio operator. I have some K-24 bomb pictures that were sneaked through Customs. If I wouldn't be harassed over them, I would send you a few if interested.

Thanks for taking time to write. I enjoyed hearing from you.

Cheers. Bill

This plane dropped supplies in the Battle of the Bulge and got a few nicks the day we whipped the great Luftwaffe. Ha! Ha!


November 3, 1985

Dear Will:

Was pleasantly surprised to hear from you and get the pictures. I don't have any records of our missions but remember the trips to Port De Royan, Big B, and down to where Hitler, the SOB, was supposed to be hiding [25 April 1945].

I am confused about the waist gunner on the supply mission at the Battle of the Bulge because all our planes flew short crews and no guns at all, just supplies.

I am sending you the pictures I have. You can copy the ones you want but please return the originals COD. Best of luck to you and your family.

Cheers, Bill

P.S. Sorry we sat down fast in Conn. Estimated 17 gallons in each tank. Thanks for the pics
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