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World War II

January 21, 1988

Letter to Will Lundy

Dear Mr. Lundy:

I received your very nice letter a few days ago sorry I couldn't answer before, but have been down with the flu, but feeling much now and catching up on my mail.

Yes, you have the right family. My husband passed on in 1972. I moved to Florida in October of 1987, as my daughter had been living here since 1982. I have one daughter with me and a son in Pennsylvania.

I won't be going to the reunion in Southhampton, although I would have like to, but my family are all in Reading, England and are all retired now, my sister worked for British Airways for 32 years, so I have constant company in fact my brother is coming next month. I have been home several times the last in 1981.

I'm glad I heard from you and would like to keep in touch. I do have pictures of my husband and friends taken on Base in England and several mementos, I would be happy to get a newsletter and is there is a charge let me know


Barb Michel
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