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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

August 28, 2001

Dear Fellow Eight Baller:

I got your address from your son-in-law in San Bernardino. Where on earth is Cool?
Navigator Wright wrote me that there is a B-24 at Barksdale Field that has been painted the 44th's markings and E for Easy. It is Louisiana Belle as the crew chief was from Louisiana. My crew, Richard Beckingham's, flew several missions in the original E for Easy. I Understand the 44th is going to meet at Barksdale sometime in October for the ceremony. Would you please send me any information of this ceremony and also if and where the Second Air Division and 8th Air Force are meeting this year. Visalia and also El Paso and travel quite a lot so don't get much information. I was in Florida last April and understand the All America was at Kissimee but I did not get there on May 8, 1995. The All-America and a B-17 and B-29 flew into the Santa Tererra Airport in El Paso. The airport was owned by a very rich man, John McGuier, and I tried to get him to acquire a B-24 there, but he passed away recently.

Last fall, I attended the graduation of air recruits at Lackland where there is a junk B-24.

Two of my crewmembers, Radio Operator Louis Yurt and Gunner George Laurence have passed away. I wrote Beckingham, but received no reply. Our copilot was Fred Heichemer who lives in Florida, I believe.

Hope to see you in Shreveport.


Bob Meyer
2108 Whitcomb, El Paso, Texas 79924
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