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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

22 March 1998

Dear Will:

My Form 5 indicated that I flew a B-24 on that date and that I had logged 1:45 of dead-head time. I probably was the crew. The Form 5 log does not list the A/C number, though.

(Note: This is in answer of flying a plane back from Friston that I flew with back to Shipdham from near Eastbourne).

I finished my 30 missions on 21 May 1944, so I did not make any of the raids on D-Day.

After finishing my 30 missions and tour, I was transferred over to ENHANCEMENT. I then was assigned to doing test flight work and going on recovery flight trips. (Crews down on Continent?).

I did make an emergency landing at Manston Air Stripe, and also another time, I went into Biggin Hill on two engines. These were the result of combat missions.

My memory has blocked out most of my combat flying. It was an experience of UNFORGETTABLE MAGNITUDE. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, but would not do it again.

Sincerely, Howard Metts (home phone (757)851-4616)
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