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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

I have just come back from a visit with my buddy, Skip Stahl. I took all my letters and Logbook up to him. We really did enjoy the visit this time, trying to remember all the good days. It took a lot of hard thinking to try and bring back 45 years of memories. If we had been informed back then like you just did for us now, it might have made a difference.

Skip also flew back with the group, so it's a possibility he may have come back with your group of planes at that time. Thanks for sending me a copy of my flight orders, but I don't remember any of those people as being onboard. I thought there was a higher officer from the wing with us. I asked Skip to let me give you his mailing address. I let him have the 44th Logbook while I was visiting. He enjoyed it a great deal. Like myself, he didn't' know that the 44th was still intact.

I am sending you a couple of pictures of the "drying room." My guess is that on one hardly remembers it or its functions. Only the flying personnel did. So keep them for your collection, as I don't think you will find any others. I think Skip might have a set.

I would like some day to meet you and personally thank you for the effort and good you have done.

God bless you,

John Melchert
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