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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

2 November 1985

Dear Will:

Many thanks for your great assist in finding Jim O'Black for me. It is indeed him living just about 30 miles north of us. James O'Black, 128 York Road, Zaliouople, PA 16063.

Strangely enough, he has no recollection of me whatsoever. This, even though I still have the very kind letter which he wrote to my wife when I went down over Belgium.

Although Jim is retired and in good health, he says he is unhappy and wishes he hadn't quit working.

I hope you had a great time on your England trip.

About the same time you were away, we did California again. We had dinner with George Carvour and visited briefly with Bill Cameron. It was a great trip. It would have been very nice if we could have met you - another time, hopefully. Maybe you might come East - huh? I'm sure you'd like Pittsburgh. I hope Jim writes to you and that you have great success with your memorial.

Many thanks again for the assist.

In the best of friendship.

Miles McCue
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