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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Raymond A. McCormick, M.D.
1165 Hill Drive
Oneida, WI 54155-9114

February 20, 1985

Dear Will:

I was the navigator on the crew you mentioned in your letter (Airplane 41-29496, April 1944). The first pilot was Bernie L. Scudday. I have a photograph of his crew before I replaced their navigator who was a Lt. Hansen. I do not remember his first name. The two other survivors were Coyle Acuff, Washburn, Tennessee, and Carl Tepe, Canadian, Texas.

I was the navigator on crew 39-7-77. The first pilot was Max D. Mendenhall of Provo, Utah. Our copilot was Phillip J. Quirk of your hometown, San Bernardino, California. The bombardier was Herman G. Flugman of New York City. I have a photo of this crew as well.

I was a member of the 506 Squadron. There were two other McCormick's in the 44th Bomb Group. One was a Captain Harold (?) McCormick and the other was Staff Sergeant Gus McCormick who was a crew chief. I was interned at Stalag Luft I, at Barth, Pomerania, Germany. In the camp there were at least 20 other officers from the 44th bomb group.

I can't believe that someone is interested enough in the 44th to go to all this trouble.

Best regards,

Raymond A. McCormick
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