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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

20 July 1985

Dear Will:

Received your letter some time ago and I am sorry that I haven't written sooner. I was thinking about the 44th reunion at Rapid City in May, but due to my son moving from Illinois to Texas, I was unable to work it out.

A little history on myself. I arrived at Shipdham in January 1944 and was assigned to the 50th station complement. I was in the Special Services Section and before too long I helped with the basketball program. Awhile later, I began preparations for the baseball season by constructing a baseball diamond. I had charge of the baseball team and the softball team. We had a very good baseball team and just missed the championship, whereby the 93rd bomb group won it even though we beat them three of four, but our jinx weather 392nd losing two of three to them. Remember Chaplain Hershaw? He helped me usually coaching at 3rd base.

Yes, Sam Palmer was an infield on the team as well as at Wright/Base, Herb Hedinger SS Tony Laso, 3rd, Ed Gauronkas, Atchley, McIntyre, McGee, Frogus, Bob Hany, Bill Scheck in the outfield with Ed Yanerh and Jack Harple the pitchers. You must have a picture of that team. Another good player was Bill Bertell. (not sure of spellings)

The softball team was pretty good, also as Pugh was a pretty fair pitcher.

I was later assigned to the 506th and finally at the end I was with the 67th before embarking home for a month and was released in November at Sioux Falls, SD.

Best wishes,

Jim Martin
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