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Arthur B. Loyless
World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

15 September 1982

Hi Will:

I can very well appreciate your effort in compiling all this information, as I have all my records that I have accumulated in twenty years of service. And every time I want anything from them, I have to go through the whole batch. When the weather is cooler, I want to go through them and file them in order of years. When I do this, if I should come up with some more names, I will pass them on to you.

In the book on pages 126 and 127, the mission on 4 May 1944, is the only mention of our crew. Also, it reminds me of the only time I disagreed with my pilot. We got the recall that day but he said, "Since we have gone this far, let's go on and get credit for a mission. So we went. We tacked on to another group of 24s and followed them in. We saw more enemy fighters in this mission than any other one. They attacked this group that we were with. And I had a good chance to shoot one down. I had him all lined up in my sights, pulled the trigger and nothing happened. I had forgotten to turn on my trigger switch. I was mortified. It took some living to live that down. After the mission was over, I was glad that we went. But if we had been shot down, I don't think I would have ever forgiven Jefferson, knowing that we could have aborted.

I'm sure glad that you updated my list of missions. I doubt that I would have recognized them from my diary.

Hope you get lots of orders for the book.



World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Spartanburg, S.C.

7 May 1982

Dear Will:

Thanks for my list of missions. They are real precise. Mine were not. Like I said, I was just a kid and I might have taken the word of one of the older guys. But the way you listed them was just like they were on the blackboard in the briefing room.

I looked back in my 201 file and I found the same set of orders that you have, transferred me to R.C.D. they, too, are from the 66th Bomb Squadron. I must have been shipped to the 66th upon completing my missions, but that was only on paper. I sent direct to Base Defense. Also, one of the orders giving me the air medal was 66th B.S. But I know I was in the 67th. I am enclosing a rough drawing of our squadron area. There may have been more buildings, I just can't remember. There also was some concrete walkways throughout the area, but I didn't put them in

Well, I called that Mathis number. It wasn't the right one. I didn't talk to Mr. Mathis and his wife did not know if he was a relative or not.

I believe that Lt. Thornten and his crew went through Phase Training with us in the states and he came in as a replacement with us. I also believe he blew up in front of us. But I don't know which mission it was. We were either carrying incendiary or bomber fragmentation ones/ Their bomb bay doors didn't function properly and they tried to drop through the doors.

Colonel Gibson gave me the Air Medal and three clusters. I have pictures of that also.

Back in the 1950s, I was stationed in Savannah, Georgia, and we had a wing commander named Dent. He was a major general. He retired not long after that. It seems I read either in a local paper or Air Force times that he and his wife both died on skid row in New York. I don't know if it's the same Dent or not. However, the rank and dates of rank would be pretty close.

I don't know if Lt. Paul was named Sydney or not. But I do know he was Jewish, and the Sydney would fit just right. I will try to contact him later and will let you know.

Sorry I don't have a typewriter, but even if I did, it wouldn't be much better. I only had one year of typing in high school and I haven't practiced much since.

Will contact Walls and Hawkins as soon as possible about joining the 2nd Air Division.

Let me know what you think of my layout of the squadron area. It has me thinking. But I just know I was in the 67th, but why all the orders from the 66th?

Well, enough for this time. Hoping to hear soon.

Your 67th Buddy, I hope!

Abe Loyless


17 August 1982

Dear Will:

I too, have been on vacation. Now it is my turn to catch up on my mail.

Speaking of my sketch of the base over there; I didn't then and I wouldn't now, know north, south, east or west. Funny I never thought of the direction. I just remembered those places and drew them in like I thought they were.

Maybe in the future one of my crewmember's name will pop up, and I can get in touch with them. Hope so.

Will close for now. Am looking forward to the book. Have a nice summer.


"Abe" (my nickname)

Arthur B. Loyless

My Crew Intact

1st Lt. John R. Jefferson Pilot Wisconsin
1st Lt. Eggleston Copilot Buffalo, New York
Lt. Lawson Navigator Pennsylvania
1st Lt. Alvin E. Stubbs Bombardier Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (KIA)
T/Sgt. Norris (Pete) Bennett F.E. Flandreau, SD
T/Sgt. Robert Mathis R.O. Indiana
S/Sgt. Kenneth W. Rose W.G. Washington State
S/Sgt. Kenneth R. Lowry W.G. West Virginia (Nalleen)
S/Sgt. John J. Petrosky T.G. Gross Isle, Mich.
S/Sgt. Arthur B. Loyless B.G. Spartanburg, SC

Alvan E. 1/29 Harold H. Pinders crew (POW) "BA"
1st Lt. Stubbs was shot down on his first mission while flying with another crew.
Carried MIA as far as I knew.
The best I can remember, the rest of the crew finished up.

After I finished, I was shipped across the field to what they called Base Defense. All finished gunners went there and were trained in infantry tactics. They thought the Germans would drop paratroops on our Air Bases for retaliation. For D-Day, thank God, they didn't. I stayed there three months then was sent home. Home shipment was in August of 1944.

Mission Record

Date 67th Abort Pilot Target Destination

1 12/30/43 6 Lt. Pinder Farben-In. Ludwigshaven, Germany
2 1/11/44 4 1 Lt. Brown T.of Opp. Meppen, Germany
3 2/6/44 5 Lt. Thornten Install. France
4 2/12/44 6 Lt. Jefferson Install. France
5 2/13/44 6 Jefferson Petit Bois,Install. France
6 2/20/44 11 Jefferson Oschers/Helmstead Halberstadt, Germany
7 2/21/44 19 3 Jefferson Diepholz Munster Airfield, Germany
8 2/22/44 10 2 Jefferson Recall 2/lost 2 Gothae, Germany
9 2/24/44 8 1 Jefferson Lost 2 (66&68) Gothae, Germany
10 2/25/44 9 0 Jefferson TofOp. Furth, Germany
11 3/3/44 8 Jefferson Recalled TofO. Oraneburg, Germany
12 3/6/44 Jefferson TofO. Genshagen, Germany
13 3/8/44 Jefferson TofO. Erkner, Germany
14 3/9/44 Jefferson TofO. Berlin, Germany
15 3/15/44 Jefferson TofO. Brunswick, Germany
16 3/16/44 Jefferson TofO. Fredrickstaphen, Germany
17 3/21/44 Jefferson TofO. Watton, France
18 3/22/44 Jefferson TofO. Berlin, Germany
19 3/23/44 Jefferson TofO. Fredrickshaven, Germany
20 3/26/44 Jefferson TofO. Petit-Bois-Tillen Court
21 3/27/44 Jefferson TofO. Mont-De-Marson, France
22 4/1/44 Jefferson TofO. Ludswigshaven
23 4/8/44 Jefferson TofO. Hanover, Germany
24 4/9/44 Jefferson TofO. Tutow Airfield, Germany
25 4/11/44 Jefferson TofO. Bernberg, Germany
26 4/19/44 Jefferson TofO. Gutersloh, Germany
27 4/22/44 Jefferson TofO. Hamm, Germany
28 5/3/44 Jefferson TofO. St. Omar, France
29 5/4/44 Jefferson TofO. Brunswick, Germany
30 5/7/44 Jefferson TofO. Osnabruck, Germany


April 17, 1982

Dear Will:

I received your letter of April 12th. I don't know what I really want to know. Just maybe if we were recorded in Squadron History or not. And maybe get in touch with some of my crew. We didn't' get to know many people in the Squadron -- as they come in today and were gone tomorrow. However, I had one guy that lived in my Quonset Hut, from Gaffney, SC, 19 miles from where I live. His name is Madison Dean Walls. He flew with 1st/Lt. Paul. He also finished and we came home together. I see him every few years.

There is another guy from my hometown, but he was in a different squadron. His name is Sydney E. Hawkins. I see him occasionally. He was shot down and was a PW for a while. Was on Etheridge's crew

I kept a diary of sorts and I was mistaken on my first mission. It was on December 30, 1943 and we went to Ludwigshaven, Germany. I was flying with another crew and the pilot's name was Lt. Pinder. We formed up in formation and departed on course for Germany.

We stayed with them for about an hour, then the radio operator passed out from lack of oxygen and we aborted and returned to base. Lt. Pinder was severely chewed out for risking the rest of our lives by coming back alone. However, we got credit for the mission as we were in Germany when we aborted.

My regular crew chief was a guy we called "Tex" [Buress]. I don't remember his last name. However, you could have worked on one of the planes I flew, because if our plane wasn't ready, we took another.

I stayed in the air Force for 20 years. Well, I got out briefly in 45 and reenlisted in 1946. Then stayed for the whole course. I mentioned Lt. Paul before, well I ran into him in Rosewell, New Mexico, in 1961 And he was a bird colonel. He may have gone higher, as I never saw or heard about him again.

I am enclosing this article from my hometown paper dated June 44. Maybe you will remember when General Johnson looked like this.

I am also sending a list of the missions that I participated in. You can check them against your records. I checked my diary and I was on both those missions that were on the page of history that you sent me. However, on the 21st of February 19844, you have it listed as "Hits on Diepholz Airdrome," and I have it listed as "Munster Air Field." It could be the same place. I don't' know. I have another discrepancy. I have the first Berlin raid listed as March 3, 1944. [No] We hit Oranenburg, which I was under the impression was a part of Berlin like Brooklyn is to New York. Two more that were listed as Berlin were Genshagen [yes] and Erkner. I could be mistaken as I was only a kid when I took all this down. And I have a total of five missions to Berlin, which I flew. Anyway, you have a look at my list and see if they jive. According to my diary, we led the Eight Air Force on April 8, 1944 [Yes]. I know Jefferson led the squadron on several occasions. But I don't have listed if we led on this particular one. What do you have? The raid was on Hanover, Germany.

Well, Will, if you don't have a headache by now, you never will have. So I'll close for this time. Check my list against yours and let me know. Also, did you know Tex? [Yes]. There couldn't have been many crew chiefs who were called this in our squadron.


Abe Loyless
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