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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

1839 Cleveland Avenue
Abington, PA 19001

4 February 1982

Dear Will:

I was very pleased to receive your letter since my only contacts since those very eventful days in 1944 and 1945 have been with Mrs. Dahlin and, until his untimely death two years ago, John E. Wilson of Houston, Texas, who was the navigator on our crew.

I would be very interested in joining the 2nd Air Division Association and will seriously consider attending one of the conventions this year. Since my time in the group was only about five weeks, I really do not remember anybody except those on my own crew. I will probably be more interested in attending the 2nd Air Division reunion since I would have more chance of meeting people with whom I became acquainted in the prison camp and during the 2 months we were wandering around in Eastern Germany just before we were liberated.

I am sorry that I lost touch with our pilot, Homer E. Still. Unfortunately, this was on purpose because I did receive an invitation to his wedding a year or so after the war, but at that time, I thought that he had made some bad decisions which led to our being shot down. I did not find out the true story on this until many years later when John Wilson and I were reliving the momentous events of 7 October 1944.

Until eight or ten years ago, Christmas cards kept me in contact with our copilot, Bill Wellborn, who was a high school teacher and coach in Madisonville, Kentucky. Bill stopped contacting us the year after he sent us a very sad card in which he told of the death of his wife, Libby, in an automobile accident.

My present plans call for me to be passing through San Bernardino on a business trip on 22 February. I will attempt to contact you by telephone to obtain more information about joining the 2nd Air Division Association. I certainly appreciate your contacting me and look forward to meeting with you, either in San Bernardino or at one of the reunion meetings.

Best regards,

John B. Lord
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