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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy and Howard ?)

March 10, 1982

Dear Howard:

I have just recently joined the 8th Air Force Historical Society Organization and received my first copy of their 8th Air Force Newspaper and found your name and address in its directory. So, I thought I would contact you about my outfit. It was the 14th Wing, 44th Bomb Group, and 67th Squadron in England.

This is the first time I have seen anything about the 44th Bomb Group. I have checked my American Legion Magazine every copy and could never find anything on the 44th. I would like to know anything that you may have on my outfit. I flew all my missions and was back in the states before D-Day when they crossed the English Channel on the invasion. I was over there quite early in the beginning of the air war. If I remember correctly, our air base, the 44th Bomb Group, was around 16 or 18 miles from Norwich, England.

I was sure glad to see your name and address in the 8th Air Force Newspaper and hope to hear from you whenever you have time to do so.

I am also sending you addresses of two more Air Force crewmembers I flew with in case you would like to contact them.

William Nabors, 7414 Walnut Avenue, Hammond, Ind. 46324

Walter Mosley, RR 2, Box 241, Palestine, TX 75801

Thank you very much,

Milford Londo
1302 Hancock St.
Wakefield, MI 49968


April 2, 1982

Dear Will:

I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. I also received a letter from Pete Henry. I also wrote to Rapid City, South Dakota but I haven't heard anything as yet.

I sent Pete's address to two crewmembers I flew with in England. I also sent Evelyn one more address of a combat man that lives only a few blocks from me.

I don't know if you want an old newspaper clipping I am sending you, but you can keep it if it will help you on any project you may be doing. I only know one man on that crew. He lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He was the copilot Swerre E. Eliassen.

I am sending two snapshots of our crew. If you can make a copy, I would like to have them back as they are the only ones I have. The larger picture back row standing left to right are: Sgt. Mosley, Lt. Therian, Lt. Gasproni, Lt. Weller, and Pilot James R. Perry. Front row left to right was a replacement radioman. Don't know his name. Sgt. Widdon, Sgt. Londo, Sgt. Nabors. The name of our first plane was Star Spangle Hell.

I flew all my missions and was back in the states before D-Day when they crossed the Channel on the invasion.

I still write to Mosely and Nabors. And those are the names I sent to Pete.

You will notice the one picture has the nose turret blacked out as it was censored at that time.

If you ever have any more information about my outfit, I would appreciate hearing from you. If there is any charge, please let me know.

It was the 14th Wing, 44th Bomb Group, 67th Squadron.

Milford (Chum) Londo


April 16, 1982

Hello, Will:

I received your letter and was glad to hear from you again. I'm sorry about my dates over seas. I went through all my records but can't pinpoint exactly what the dates were. I hope the things I sent you will help and I am sending a few more. The one picture is of me receiving the Air Medal or Oak Leaf Cluster and I believe the officer was Colonel Dent, but cannot tell you anymore about him.

The newspaper clipping is Sgt. Robert S. Knoll. HE was our radio operator, but was shot down when flying with another crew [Taylor's 12/1/43, Lundy]. He was from Pennsylvania. I also had a copy made for you of a Christmas card we received at suppertime when we got back from a mission on Christmas Day.

I'm sending you a poem I found in my scrapbooks about the 44th B.G. Oh, yes, our C.O. was General Leon Johnson. I also found an extract from the Air Force dated February 24, 1944 for shooting down an enemy aircraft [Gotha, Germany; 66 & 68 each lost one-Lundy].

I may have sent you these names before, but will send again:

Sgt. Hylon Widdon from Mississippi
Sgt. Frank Petras from Pennsylvania
Sgt. Robert S. Knoll from Pennsylvania

I don't have any more on these guys but I flew with them.

You don't have to send back any of this stuff I am sending you this time. I believe you could get a lot of information from my crewmember, William Nabers, because I believe he kept a record book on our dates and moves. His address is William Nabors, 7414 Walnut Avenue, Hammond, IND 46324.

Well, I hope I have helped you in a small way and if I come up with any more, I'll be sure to send it to you. This means a lot to me when you find someone like you who will do so much work and time consuming tasks to get all this together and have a book published. I am looking forward to buying a copy of your book.

As ever,

Chum Londo


August 19, 1982

Hello Will:

Glad to hear from you again and received my snapshots. Thanks.

Well, I came up with some dates on our crew. We arrived in England September 28, 1943. Flew our first combat mission on December 20, 1943. Target was Bremman, Germany. Got shot up badly and made a crash-landing.

We left England in April 1944 and was sent to Italy as a lead crew for the 98th Bomb Group, 15th A.F. We completed our missions there.

We left Italy October 11, 1944. If I remember right, we had 18 missions completed when we left England and when we got to Italy, they raised the number of missions to 50 instead of the 25 in England.

Glad to hear that you wrote to some of my crewmembers and I sure hope that they answer you. Sure was glad to hear that you and your wife got to the reunion of Rapid City. I went to the airport near us and checked on tickets to go, but I am having real bad back trouble, so I had to forget about going, but hope to make one in the future.

I am enclosing a check for your book and looking forward to getting it. I know it will be something to show my Air Force friends and it will bring back many memories. I made out the check for $15 so it will help you with all your stamps on the letters you have sent to me. Hope to hear from you again.

As ever,
Chum Londo
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