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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

March 2, 1988

Dear Will:

Sorry for the delay in answering your letter. I've been up in Cambria, California, getting a house in shape to sell.

I was stationed in Shipdham from October 30, 1942 to June 15, 1945, and was assigned to the 304th Service Squadron, then the 50th Station Complement Squadron 634, and after that the 405th Air Engineering Squadron.

You asked if I painted the eightball over a door at the 14th wind site - I honestly cannot remember, as I painted the eightball on aircraft, flight jacket patches, buildings, and even a bomb! Col. Taylor of the 14th combat wing, asked if I would paint some pictures on the walls of the officer and enlisted men's lounges at their site. The bucking horse (one of many) for the officer's lounge, and the "Petty" calendar girls in the enlisted men's lounge.

You also asked if I could tell something about my stay in Shipdham. In recalling two of many memories, one would be that I married a Norwich girl, and we are still happily married after 44 years. Also, at the time of the invasion of Europe, I worked in General Johnson's war room at the 14th wing area, plotting our advancing troops on a large map on glass, to prevent the bombing of our own men. Working for such a fine gentleman as General Johnson was quite an honor.

I have enclosed some sketches of ideas I was to paint on a B-24. The crew cut the cartoons out of a U.S. newspaper and I redrew them with our 44th bomb Group Eightball. The sad part is that the plane went down before the painting was started. Also, enclosed is a map I drew of Shipdham Airbase in 1943.

After my discharge, I worked at point Mugu Naval Rocket Base here in California, and later worked as Airport Engineer for the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport. I retired as Asst. Manager for the Santa Barbara Airport.

Shipdham and the war changed my career plans from art to the aviation field. Now that I'm retired, I'm getting back to the art field.

Best wishes - Your time and efforts as historian and editor of the Logbook, I'm sure are much appreciated by all members of the 44th.

Jack E. Loman - 5172 Hillcrest Drive, Cambria, CA 93428

World War II
Memories and Biography

(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

1527 Kronborg Drive
Solvang, CA 93463

July 11, 2002

Dear Will:

Reading the recent 44th Bomb Group Journal (spring 2002) and it was mentioned in the Shipdham News, pp. 20,21, that the artwork on the walls at Shipdham is still there (or some of it) and there are plans to preserve it. Since the article asks for the name of the artist, we thought we would contact you.

Jack is now 85 years old. We haven't been able to get to England lately as he had a stroke five years ago which affected his left leg and arm and he isn't able to walk very far these days. However, it hasn't affected his ability to paint, although he's unable to stand in front of his easel anymore. He has to prop his canvas up where he can sit.

We loved the article on your wife, Irene. I would have loved to have met her as I grew up in Norwich. I expect we have many similar memories as I can remember so well swimming in the "Eagle Bath" when a schoolgirl. We used to go there for lessons.

Jack and I were married in 1943 at St. Gregory's Church. One of the best things to come out of the war is that we found each other! We've had a wonderful marriage - blessed with two sons and now four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. We feel very lucky and count our blessings in spite of the problems the "golden age" brings. AT least we try to keep young at heart.

Hoping both of you are able to keep well and enjoying life.

With much appreciation and thanks for your years of work for the 44th. Best wishes from us both.

Jack and Monica

P.S. Our e-mail address is mjsyv@aol.com

So, he was our artist!
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