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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

May 23, 1988

Dear Mr. Lundy

Yes, I was Bruce Tyndall's pilot when we had to bail out January 16, 1945. I was married in Sioux Falls, SD and Jim Derrick was our best man. I met my wife in Texas when I was in cadets at Hicks Field at Ft. Worth.

We won't be able to make the reunion in Riverside as we must attend a wedding in Kansas the same time as the convention. Hope to be able to catch you at a later date. Yes, we talked on the phone and I indicated at that time I never flew the plane you refer to as 095, and did not know anyone on the crew that went down in Scotland in June of 1945. We came back to the states in May of 1945.

Jerry Lindsay

(095 proved to be a 93rd BG aircraft)
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