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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

January 20, 1988

Dear Will:

I have just finished reading the 44th Logbook and enjoyed the fine work that you all do.

I was sorry to read that John Wolbarst had passed away. John was not a close friend of mine but saw him most every day at the Shipdham Base.

I didn't know if you knew that John was an expert on bomb sights, in fact I think he was in charge of the repair shop. I also knew some of his crew as they shared the same barracks as me. You may have seen John and his crew on the line, as they installed the sights before each raid.

John had some interesting photos. In fact he used to sell them at one time.

I don't know much about John's private life. I am including his address so you can write and find out if someone would be willing to part with his collection of photos. It might be worth a try [I got them!!!]

Hope to see you this year,

Harry Lemond
464th Sub Depot

P.S. Please excuse the writing as my hand is a little shaky.
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