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21 July 1944

44th, 67th, 21 July 1944 - A/C 049

Henry E. Lavalee, 1050 Main St. No. 211, Worcester, Mass. 01603
Lavalee: FW190 started to attack from 10 slightly high, passed under A/C, came up about 3 o'clock level at 800 yards and started to attack from 3 o'clock. Gunner opened fire 800 yds. E/A went down smoking badly. Observed to hit ground.
Time: 1035 - Alt. 22,500 - FW190

S/Sgt. Bernard R. Schiffbaur, 244 Bakers Ridge Road, Morgantown, W.Virginia 26505
Schiffbaur: FW190 started to attack from 10 o'clock above. When E/A approached to 600 yards. Left waist gunner open fire and as E/A went underneath gunner fired until E/A started smoking and went into a spin - last seen spinning very low.
Time: 1037 - FW190 - Aircraft 864 ULU (Mi Akin As)

T/Sgt. Maurice P. Groh, New Orleans
Groh: FW 190 knocked down B-24 at 12 o'clock high about 100 yards ahead of our plane. While fighter attack B-24 ahead top turret gunner fixed on FW190 using about 150 rounds in bursts of about 15 rounds. Fighter nosed down and turned toward 9 o'clock. Pilot bailing out. Gunner could see hits all over plane and fighter was aflame in tail section. Plane was camouflaged light blue, light gray and white blending very well with sky. Red swastika on side of fuselage, no marking on tail.
Time: 1036 - 22500 feet - FW 190 - 12 o'clock

T/Sgt. Edward M. Healy, East Hartford, Conn.
Healy: Aircraft 318 B was out of formation; other B-24 at 2 o'clock under attack to the right. One hundred yards out ME109 attacking other B-24 from 6 o'clock level throttled back and trailing. Top gunner of 318 B commenced firing as soon as aircraft was called out. Three hundred rounds were fired at fighter until fighter broke off, turning on its back diving steeply. Pilot was seen to bail out when in an 0500 position relative to aircraft 318 B.
Time: 1036 - Place 47-55 E - 11-18 E. - Altitude 22,500 ft. - E/A ME109
Destroyed - Another B-24 seen firing
Lt. Dewe's crew
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