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(Taken from a letter to Pete Henry)

Box 65
Farragut, Iowa 51639

1 May 1984

Dear Pete:

Thank you for the February letter. Your name is recalled clearly as my pilot in the 44th/67th squadron, was Joe Herrman. (Joseph F. Herrman, Jr. 0813376, originally from the Chicago area). We were one of seven new crews initiated on D-Day 6/6/44; yours too? I was the armorer/tail gunner but the turret would be snug today as I have gained at least a pound per year!

The delay in responding is partially because I was gone February and March retracing some military travels including Harlingen and Laredo bases, among others. While I was gone, my ex-radio operator, Allen Baker, Box 37, Loysburg, PA 16659) got word of the 44th BG BW-SMW Heritage Memorial Group's Reunion (South Ramada Inn, Dayton, Ohio, 24-27 May 1984). We are going and will be joined by our former navigator (H. P. "Whitey" Ahlstedt, 3626 Berkley Road, Albany, GA 31707). An Iowa crewmember from the old 66 squadron, who started as one of the seven new crews on D-Day, invited us to join their crew survivors for a 40th reunion at the old base Shipdham on 6 June but we had not planned that way and are having our own.

The Iowan is Donald Maule, Mondamin, Iowa 51557. It is a village so that address should reach him - an ex-letter carrier there. I do not recall his pilot's name, but he died in recent years at Omaha, Nebraska.

Another reason Whitey, Baker and I are going to Dayton is to see if we can pick up any news on Joe Herrman. We all three liked him but have lost track since his mother died (she was the one who kept the contacts). If we don't find more about Joe there, I will be back in touch to accept the tracing offer you made.

Thanks again for your offer and letter. I will look forward to meeting you along the way some day.

Yours truly,

Lyle B. Latimer
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