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Ralph J. Knight
World War II
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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Ralph J. Knight
Box 1839 S. Country Dr
Slocum, RI 02877

Dear Will:

Yes, I'll wait for you to get more "44th Libs," and you may hold my check.

I certainly was in the 404th at Will Rogers. Since you asked, you must have been also and I'm sorry that I can't remember you. Please refresh my memory for me.

After flying 68 missions with the 404th from Adak, I had an ETO tour as well. I went over to England with Snavely's 492nd Group which was shot out after about nine missions. I was then transferred to the 44th to complete my 30-mission tour.

Sincerely yours,


October 10, 1986

Dear Will:

I do have the book. It came the day after my last letter was mailed to you.

The names of my 492nd crewmembers do not ring any bells. Of course, we flew over together from the states and flew several missions as a crew. I still remember none of them. I've been a loner all my life and made only four good friends in 65 years.

All the best,


Note: Most rare military service. 404th B.G. at Barksdale. 404th sent to Alaska. Snaveley's Group (49200) back to England. Then back to the 44th BG.
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