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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)


I am sending you a copy of my Form 5 for the month of April, 1945. Included flight time for missions for last month. The 389 penciled in is a guess, since there were the last missions flown. I contacted the V.P. of the 389th to the 2nd A.D. He says he has never been aware of a historian and records were never kept of the 389 after WWII. He did agree to ask at their convention in Tucson scheduled in October about a 44th lead.

I am enclosing several things you may be interested in.

Bomb strike photo of last mission to Neumarket 11 April 1945. Bomb strikes are visible lower left corner. Belongue, France fire bombing.

Pictures of Wesel Drop. Note: Crashed C47 with an interview with General Gaither. Note: Reference to B-24 crash and effort to save crew.

Picture of Cambridge in Winter 45-February.


Forty-Fourth Bombardment Group (H) AAF
Office of the Station Commander

23 April 1945


Captain Arthur C. Kleiderer, 0-825313, has recently completed an operational tour of duty over enemy-occupied Europe and Germany, during which time he participated in 30 bombing missions as a pilot on a B-24 "Liberator" airplane. He served as a Lead Crew Member on 16 missions.

Captain Kleiderer has been awarded the Air Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters, and has been recommended for the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Captain Kleiderer's Squadron Commander has given him an efficiency rating of Excellent for his general performance of duty and has recommended that he be returned to the zone of the Interior.

I am please to commend Capt. Kleiderer and to have had him as a member of my command. Any consideration shown him will be appreciated.

Vernon C. Smith
Colonel, Air Corps,
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