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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

14 March 1988

Dear Will:

I was a member of McDonald's crew from the beginning. We trained at March Field, went overseas and were ultimately assigned to the 44th and the 67th squadron, some time in the later part of June or first of July 1944.

Later, we (the entire crew) were transferred to the 66th (August 13).

Around the 10th or 11th mission, we started flying "leads." As I recall, we ended with 18 or 20 lead or deputy lead missions.

In January or February of 1945, we returned to the states without any wounded or killed aboard.

During the year, our crew has corresponded at Christmas time.

Over the years, the crew has had two reunions, neither of which I have been able to attend.

We are all alive except one member, Eddie Callier, who has passed on.

Thanks again for everything.

Don Kirkpatrick
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