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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

6917 E. Mirabel Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85208

Dear 44th:

I am enclosing $150 for a Life Membership in the 44th Bomb Group Veterans Association. Will Lundy, the group historian sent me information relating to the missions my father flew in 1944 and 1945 with the 67th. He was a radio operator and I have photos of a couple of the planes he flew in "Myrtle the Fertile Turtle," and "Fearless Fosdick." I also have other photos, script from several countries issued to the airmen, associated materials, and his diary of his missions. Will's detail listing of the sorties and crew is valuable, and I appreciate his help in sending me this material.

John passed away suddenly in December of 1993 and I am signing on as a Life Member in his memory. If you have interest in photos, articles, and other pieces of history he brought home, let me know. I can make copies for you.

I am still trying to find out where he picked up his unofficial A-2 in England. It is not a US Army Air Force issue, but a similar leather jacket with the large Flying 8-ball insignia sewn on the back with the bombs for completed missions, felt 8th AAF on the sleeve, etc. If anyone in the organization knows where the airman stationed at Shipdham bought these A-2's off base, I would appreciate knowing.

By the way, John almost completed Civilian Pilot Training in Nebraska before the school was closed in 1944. I have his logbook showing his training and it is amazing that he didn't find a place to finish flight training before he signed on with the USAAF to be trained as a radio operator. He was so close to getting his wings, it's really unfortunate. He wanted to be a pilot, but felt he should get in the war before it was over, I guess.


Tom Kirby
6917 E. Mirabel Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85208
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