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(Taken from information given to Will Lundy)

John F. King, First Lieutenant, Army Air Forces, United States Army. For extraordinary achievement, while serving as Lead Bombardier for a Group of b-24 airplanes on a mission over Germany, 24 February 1944. From the time the enemy coast was crossed until the formation was well on the return journey, it was subjected to savage assaults by a large number of hostile fighters. In spite of this heavy enemy opposition, Lieutenant King, realizing that the bombing effort of the entire group depended upon his accuracy, coolly and skillfully released his bombs directly on the assigned objective. The rest of the unit, bombing on his release, wrought great destruction on an important enemy installation. The courage and technical skill displayed by Lt. King reflect highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States. Entered military service form California.


Harvard, Nebraska

SUBJECT: Awards and Decorations

I, Capt. John F. King, 0734925, hereby certify that I am entitled to two (2) BRONZE BATTLE STARS for the following campaigns:

1. Northern France (WD GO 33 dd 1 May 1945)

2. Germany (Rhineland) (WD GO 33 dd 1 May 1945)

I served with the 44th Bomb Group in England form 1 June 1943 to 10 November 1944.

John F. King, Capt. A. C.


John O. Towle, Jr.
1st Lt. A.C.
Awards and Decorations O.
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