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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

I am the ex-pilot cited in your letter of October 3rd. Over the years, my contacts with our crew members has dwindled from wives exchanges, Christmas cards to an intermittent letter now and then in an attempt to reestablish.

My Air Force records are not easily accessible at this time, but next month I can get at the 201 file and my flight records.

I left the 44th in late November of 1944 (20 December in fact). Eventually, I ended up in ATC flying C54s. I stayed in the reserve and was recalled to Korea in 1950-1952. I still fly for fun and am active in aviation.

This has been a unique year with a job change. Net effect as without the flight records, I can't recall just which of 32 George (Fraga) was referring to with anything but sketchy reflections. As I remember, there were three or four attempts to use "heavies" in tactical situations that we were involved with. We spent a lot of time working on a variation of what the British has set up (A washout. The only time it was used).

A premature target ID. What with a bomb site setting error resulted in a 50-foot strike on target which made us look very good and some battle damage effects that kept us alert and the hearts pumping at an accelerated pace.

It's been a long, long time. Lots of hours and incidents since the tarmac at Shipdham. I sincerely will try and get you the flight records. I had some photos of the Puritanical Witch but they got lost years ago.

Best of luck with your efforts.

William D. Kelly

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