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(Taken from a letter to H. C. Henry and forwarded to Will Lundy)

Rt. 2, Box 287A
Borden, IN 47106

Dear Mr. Henry:

I would like to thank you for all the information you sent me and I appreciate your getting my request to Mr. Lundy and for the letter and all the information he sent me about our plane and what really happened that day.

It is nice to know there are people still around that are interested in others like you and Mr. Lundy. I sent a copy of Mr. Lundy's letter to six of our crew members.

Enclosed is a list of the six crew members that I have contacted in the last three weeks and the names of two who are deceased and two that we are still trying to locate.

We are trying to get our crew together for one of the reunions this year. I am afraid Nashville will be a mad house with the World Fair in Knoxville.

Would you send the same information about the reunions to the five known crew members that you sent me? I know they would appreciate it as they did not know about any reunions being held.

I would appreciate information if the book "44th Liberators over Europe," is still available and where you could get it.

We have just had a visit from one of our crew who lives in Georgia and it was a very happy time reminiscing after 38 years.

Our crew went over with the 449th in Italy. We did 19 missions with the 449th and then was transferred to the 44th.

Yours truly,

A. H. Kelly

7 July 1983

Dear Mr. Lundy:

I found a neighbor's name in the "History of the 44th Bomb Group." He lives about two miles from me (Mr. George Sweeny, Jr.). I went to see him but he doesn't seem interested in anything about the outfit.

He gave me your letter and a picture of his crew. He said he was about two years finishing his tour of 30 missions. He said he was on the low-level raid on Ploesti, also in Africa. He bailed out 4 July 1944 over England. He doesn't remember what squadron he was in - maybe the 68th.

He had two sons in Vietnam and maybe they could give you more information from him.

I am sending you the picture of his crew and would appreciate if you would return it and I will give it back as he might want to give it to his sons.

Always good to hear from you.

As ever,

A. H. Kelly
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