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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

22 May 1991

Dear Will:

The Logbook has given me much pleasure for having typed payrolls and officer's vouchers for the 67th and 506th. I find my memory is more than fair. One of my newfound friend where in the hospital is from Libertyville, Illinois and I related to him the story of Col. Frederick Dent, but he had not heard of him. In one of the Logbooks I see that Major General Dent was at Wright Patterson in New Jersey.

In our phone conversation, I told of remembering Karl Brakey, Allen Fitch, and McMurray and am going to write them too.

In the August 1989 Logbook I read a letter from Pat Wandtke Voss. Her Dad, Gilbert T/Sgt. Aerial Engineer-Gunner, would stop at headquarters before every mission to make sure I'd contact his mother in Manawa, Wisconsin if something happened to him. I went to visit Gib in 1963 with my friend Ed Schwartz who was with Ordinance attached to the 44th and dropped behind enemy lines. He never did reveal to me the details. I don't know if Pat remembers as she was a small girl. It was on a Sunday when their church was having a social. I'm getting writer's cramp.

Will continue in another letter about Henry Brostow, 68th deceased meeting Charles Busby and the Joplin Jalopy, Buzz, was working for McDonnell-Douglas when I met him in California in 1969.

More later,

Harold Johannsen

The reason so few remember was because everyone thought my name was Joe. When I was transferred to the 506th from the 67th hardly anyone recognized the name.
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