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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

8941 Conser Drive
Overland Park, Kansas 66212

24 March 1988

Dear Will:

Thank you for Paciorek's and O'Gara's addresses and I will try and get in touch with them right away. Our crew was a model of coordinated effort and one of complete confidence in the ability of each member to do a professional job every time. That is how we made lead.

You asked about some of the men I knew in the 44th. Here they are:

Captain McAtee Jake Stein - pilot
Bob Kollinor, Captain Major Beam - 506th Co.
James Bunce, pilot Lt. Col. Shackman (Engineering)
Shannon, pilot Col. Leon Johnson, CO Gp.
Middleton - copilot Lt. Col. Posey - succeeded Johnson
George Hersh - Copilot* Maj. Brandon CO
Tony (?) Rispoli - Navigator Lt. Willard Michaels, Asst. Operations
Austin, Pilot Lt. Kuhlman, bombardier
Schwab, Bombardier Lt. Pinchot, navigator

My wife and I went to the British Isles in 1972 and were over a good part of England, Scotland and Wales but I just couldn't bear to go back to Shipdham and look at the old place for fear of what I might see. I retired after selling my brokerage business in 1976 and we have traveled to 49 of the 50 states. Not been to Alaska yet.

You mentioned Foggia (16 August 1943). Oh yes, I'll never forget that trip. Sgt. Vincent, our tail gunner, got shot out of his turret but got back in it and operated it manually because the hydraulics were shot out of it. Vincent died a few years ago from cancer, I believed, but I'll never forget him. It took lots of guts to get back in that turret. I am of the opinion that we lost five or six planes on that trip.

After I returned to the states, I went to Midland, Texas instructor school and instructed in B32s in Fort Worth. I did not stay long in the reserves after they became Air Force because they were so disorganized that they wanted to make a mess officer out of me and I told the CO they might well starve to death if we were ever called to active duty with me for mess officer. I always wanted to be a civilian anyway.

I am interested in knowing more about the location and details of the reunion 25-29th. I am not much of a golfer, but I used to caddy when I was a kid. However, I'd like to see who is there. Would appreciate the details.


John Huber
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