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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

734 Lawlins Road
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Dear Will:

Frank Chowanski was probably the best crew chief in the 67th - make that the 44th. He and his crew patched up our engines and ship so well we were able to get back 31 times. As you may know, we flew 31, mostly as first crew for the 67th. If it wasn't for Frank and his crew, I would probably be 6' under in Germany or France. I think it was the Hamburg mission we landed on one engine and had over 200 holes in old A.

I would love to hear about Bob Gunton, Leroy Parker, Lyle Carpenter, Jim Cortez, John Krupka and the rest of the crew.

For the record, Will, I have lived in North Jersey all my life. I married in 1953 and have four children, a daughter and three sons age 30 to 24. All doing well.

Would love to hear about the rest of the crew. The only one I tried to contact was John Krupka who stayed in the Air Force and became a master sergeant. I stopped to see him about 20-25 years ago but he was away on duty. I think he still lives in Beaver Meadows, PA.

Thank you for looking me up. I sent Christmas cards to most of the crew for a few years after the war, but did not receive any in return, so have not tried for many years.

I would like to have their addresses and maybe get together.

I have many pictures and momentos also, such as pictures of our 200-mission party.

Please contact me and I would love to get together with the boys for a reunion. IF you talk to Tobi, ask him if he still needs a cookie bag when he flies.

Thanks for your efforts.


Art Henshall
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