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I seemed to have lost my contact thru E-Mail so I'll
have to send you what I have. It was really good to
have our conversation today, you are very enjoyable to
talk to. Here goes about Heintz

After the war he was assigned to Wright Patterson Air Field as a Test Pilot. After a short period of time,
he was assigned to a different (unknown) air field also as a Test Pilot. When Jets first came out he lost 3 of his Pilot friends in one month.

He quit. He gave up his commission to stay in the now, Air Force. He was made a Captain in the Reserves, and had the rank of Master Sergeant in the regulars. He worked for a while as an Airplane Mechanic until the early 50's.

At this time he was reassigned to the OSI (Office of Special Investigation.) as an investigator. This was a job. No rank, an ID and the uniform was a suit and tie. He did this until he retired in the early 60's.

While as a OSI operative he moved around alot living in Ohio, Washington State, Newfoundland, New York State (twice) and a few others.

He started for the Department of Labor in 1960 and shortly thereafter moved to southern California, Whittier to be exact. He was a Senior Compliance Officer (GS14) until he retired again in

He was married to Bess, (date and legnth unknown) Had 4 children, Chuck, Richard, Jeffand Jackie (ages unknown) He passed away in either 1974 or 1975, apparently of a heart attack.

Most of this information came from his Grand- daughter Chrystal.
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