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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

8 Woodlawn Ave.
Dallas, PA 18612

Dear Will:

I did receive your letter and the address was okay. I worked in the Dallas, PA post office for 17 years so you see, I'm known here.

For a little information about me, if you care, I joined the Army Air Corps in January 1938. Times were tough at that time and my two buddies and I figured that if we joined the service, in three years time, things would be a little better. At that time, to attend a tech school, you had to have so much time after graduation, if not, you had to take a short discharge and re-enlist for three years, which I did. Well, the war came along and seven years later I was discharged.

I went in to business with a brother-in-law. I furnished the cash and he the "know how." His know how was not as much as he thought and we failed.

I came back in the service as a T/Sgt. which was very good because any others were given only private. I was sent on the Berlin Air Lift, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as we got involved in Korea, I was in ground communications and they seemed to think I wanted to go over there. Our outfit contributed to every battle from the Puson perimeter and we also supplied the communications from the Peace Camp. When I returned, I was assigned to Bryan Air Force Base, Texas and spent 13 years there and Harlingen, Texas; from there to Okinawa.

I had my family with me and the duty was good but it was with TAF and F-105s. Then to George Air Force Base, just up the road a piece from you. We bought all of our furniture from the White Front Store there in San Bernardino. The outfit was sent to McDonnell Air Force Base, Wichita, Kansas and while there I decided I had had enough. Twenty-five years and I enjoyed 24 of them. The military is not what it used to be. No cooperation, no friendship and everyone trying to get ahead and not caring whose toes they step on. A lot of dope, too. I was with the 44th from the day it started in MacDill, Florida. I was with the 66th squadron as a radio operator, but was grounded just before we went to England. I spent the war in the radio shop.

Hope to see you at the next reunion.

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