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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

1074 Garlock St.
Salem, Oregon 97302

December 11, 1994

I'm Howard A. Grimms, T/Sgt. 3674-1799 - flight engineer with Leo S. Bielinski as pictured in the summer 1992 edition of the 44th logbook.

That picture was taken at Gown Field, Boise Idaho, 50 years ago, where Avis and I were married.

As you probably know, Gus and the rest of us flew from February 1, 1945 to V-E Day and took K-bar all the way to Bradley Field Conn. Gus was a very talented pilot.

Sandy (copilot) and Kinlaid (radio) have died and I have addresses for everyone else except Dick Young. Do you know anything?

We were very fortunate. None of our crewmembers were ever wounded. We flew the slot position most often. We picked up our share of flak damage. Our largest hole was under Cunningham's (tail) plywood seat. We were very grateful.

I'm a retired architect and happy to play golf three times per week and work on my 1964 Corvair convertible.


Howard A. Grimms
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