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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

22 March 1988

After reading your "History of the 67th," and going back and compiling a history of Lt. Struthers and Sgt. Allen, tail gunner of Struthers' crew were first mentioned 12 September 1944. Our crew flew their last mission 29 July 1944 and the first mention of O after that date was on page 267, Lt. Kuklowicz flying O (42-95049). Then on page 269 Struthers and O and again on 30 October 1944 he flew O and on 5 November 1944 and 4 December 1944, he flew U. Then on 24 December 1944, he flew I, and again on 2 January 1945 he flew I, 3 February 45 K, 15 February 1945 N, 16 February 1945 K, but on page 305, 21 February S/Sgt. Allen says he flew in O (282) and again on 22 February 1945 he was in O, then the next day 23 February 1945, they finished their tour in Nelson's J. Then I find O listed on page 329 as Serial No. 44-42282. You probably have gone over this many times and know it better than anybody, but I found it interesting and the last I remembered, I did not think you were convinced of O (42-95049) as the serial number.

And also, it seems to me that something happened to 049 between 6 October 1944 and 21 February 1945, but there is no clue.

It would be interesting to know who the pilot was that I flew with. You see, I flew three missions after our crew finished their tour and I know I flew the first one with Joe Herman's crew but have no idea who the other two were.


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