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World War II Diary

Dear Will:

I was in the Communications Section, fresh out of Scott Field Radio School when I joined the 44th at Will Rogers Field in August 1942, just in time to start packing for Ft. Dix and an all-expense paid cruise to Blighty.

At Cheddington, we were checked out on RAF radio procedure and radio direction finder operation. At Station 115 was assigned to the RDF station. At the end of (I think) the NE SW runway and through the bomb dump was the station and RAF living quarters. Four GI's and four Limeys' ran the station till May 1945.

I still have my 44th history and trolley mission supplement, 8x10 pictures of the Comm. Section, an 8x10 of the 67th Major Moore CO dated June 23, 1943, poems, passes, even my shot record (why Yellow Fever shots and Mosquito Bar's for England?) Anyway, if you can use any of this for your archives, please let me know. I even have a Christmas Card from the Pelican's 1944.

P.S. Thanks for the Q.M. passenger list. It brings back a lot of memories.
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