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(Taken from a letter to Will Lundy)

Lewis R. Graham
275 Perry Smith Lane
Caryville, TN 37714
Phone: 423-566-0536

January 15, 1996

Dear Will:

I feel compelled to drop you - and the Canadian physician - a note to express my deep appreciation for the very fine and detailed historical story in the winter 1995 issue of the 8 Ball Tails relative to the last mission of "Corky" and its crew.

This story served to answer perplexing questions that have lingered in my mind for all these long years...,Since January 28, 1945!

Here's why: Two of "Corky's" air crew - Robert Lough (copilot) and Wayne Scott (navigator) were "hut"
mates of mine in hut 17. I recall that on this fatal date when all the guys were straggling back to the hut after evening chow, that Lough and Scott were absent. I just had the feeling that something was "out of kilter" since these two "mates" were usually back in the hut way before bedtime. Then, inquiries about their absence began to produce vague bits of information, i.e., they "went down" over Germany. Some open "chutes" were observed. How many: 1, 2, 3 - maybe? Were there any survivors? If so, why? To these questions, the answers never came - until I read the Canadian physician's story. What a relief to finally learn all the answers to the questions that have been "locked into" my mind for so long.

Lough and Scott were sadly missed in Hut 17. They were not only "comrades in arms," but also one main source of nighttime entertainment. Often at night, when we were all hovered around the tiny potbelly stove trying to thaw out before hitting the sack, Lough and Scott would put on a little song and dance (follies style), routine for our enjoyment. They were pretty good at it and somewhat comical for Lough was a giant of a guy who towered way above Scott who was average build. We called them our "Mutt and Jeff," song and dance duo. Yes, they were certainly missed in more ways than one by their hut mates. May God welcome them into His kingdom as they were welcomed into Hut 17.

Again, thanks to the author of the "Corky" story and you for putting it into the current issue of 8 Ball Tails. Now that all my questions have been answered, my mind is now at ease.

Thank you, thank you for a grand job superbly done!

Sincerely, Lewis R. (Bob) Graham
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